Elektrik Effekts is a partnership between Special Effects Supervisor Rick Marr and Makeup Artist Anja Dahl.
Rick Marr - Special Effects Supervisor
Rick (Richard) Marr
After completing a BSc (Hons) degree in Aerospace Engineering, Rick was lucky enough to combine his interests in engineering and film by landing his first job at Jim Henson's Creature Shop, London in 1990 on the Disney sit-com Dinosaurs.
Since then he has worked on numerous film, television and commercial projects expanding his knowledge of animatronics and engineering to provide designs for many different kinds of mechanical special effects. This has ranged from as small as a beating heart right up to two full sized electric powered vehicles with hydraulic movements.
His most recent international work was producing special mechanical prop designs for the Steven Spielberg feature film Munich.
On moving to Norway in 2004 he set up The English Effects Company with his partner Anja to offer a range of special effects to the Norwegian film & television industries.
In 2006 Rick spent a year working at Fiksern AS as workshop supervisor and special effects supervisor on a number of film, television and commercial projects.
Selected Filmography
Munich Opens in a new browser window (mechanical prop designer)
Doom Opens in a new browser window (mechanical effects)
The Brothers Grimm Opens in a new browser window (puppeteer) (senior creature effects technician)
Thunderpants Opens in a new browser window (senior special effects technician)
Dinotopia (special prop design)
Animal Farm (animatronics, Jim Henson's Creature Shop)
To Walk with Lions (animatronic technician)
The Avengers Opens in a new browser window (animatronic designer and puppeteer)
Heart (special effects technician for Animated Extras)
The English Patient (animated prop design)
The Acid House Opens in a new browser window (animatronics technician) (puppeteer)
Invasion: Earth Opens in a new browser window (animatronics technician)
The Never Ending Story 3 Opens in a new browser window (animatronics technician)
The Fragile Heart Opens in a new browser window (special effects makeup artist)
Television Films & Series
Little Red Riding Hood (1995), Legend Of Gatorface (1995), The Fragile Heart (1996), Invasion Earth (1997), Dinosaurs (1991), Cyberstar (1995/6), Red Dwarf (1998), Nord Magi (1999/2000/2001), Smack The Pony (2001), Bob The Builder (2001), Diners (2002)
Over 120 Commercials including animatronic and effects design for: Persil Power, Danish Bacon, VW Polo, Alka Seltzer, Budweiser Ice, Nike 'Good v Evil', VW Golf, McVities Penguin, Cherios, Jagermeister, Discovery Channel, Milka Chocolate, Philadelphia, Kellogs, Ford Trucks, Hersheys, Red Devil, Dairylea, Weetabix, Alba/Bush
Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Stan Winston Studio, Animated Extras, BBC, Artem, Asylum, C-FX, Gorton & Painter, Image Animation, Hot House Models, Fiksern AS
Germany, Czech Republic, South Africa, Kenya, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Chile, Spain, Hungary
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Anja Dahl - Makeup Artist
Anja Dahl
From a strong background training in opera and theatre makeup, Anja Dahl has become one of Norway's most experienced hair and makeup designers.
Working with some of Scandinavia's leading directors over the last ten years, she has had the opportunity not only to perfect her skills but also widen her career into special effects and prosthetics. This was made possible with time spent working in leading prosthetic and character workshops in Stockholm and Amsterdam. Her recent work has included realistic wounds for the Finnish film Valo and key makeup supervision on Hawaii, Oslo and Pitbull Terje.
Now working as the other half of Elektrik Effekts Anja continues to offer a high level of skill and ability, completing a powerful package of special effects, design and production.
Selected Education
Svennebrev som parykkmaker (1999) - Den Norsk Opera
Dramatiska Instituet, Stockholm (1997) - Kurs i løse deler
Den Norske Opera (1994-1996) - 3 års lærling kontrak
Fagskolen for Dekorativ Kosmetikk (1993-1994) - Odense, Danmark
Romerike Folkhøgskole (1990-1991) - Scenografi og Kostyme
Selected Feature Films
Hawaii, Oslo Opens in a new browser window (2003) - Eric Poppe, Paradox
Dogville Opens in a new browser window (2002) - Lars Von Trier, Zentropa
It's All About Love Opens in a new browser window (2001) - Thomas Vinterberg, Nimbus, Danmark
Det Største i Verden (2001) - Thomas Robsam, Norsk Film
Syndare i Sommarsol (2000) - Daniel Alfredsen, Vildhundarna
Amatørene (2000) - Pål Slettaune, 41/2, Norway
Dancer In The Dark Opens in a new browser window (1999) - Lars Von Trier, Zentropa, Danmark (Personlig maskør for Bjørk)
Selected Opera & Theatre
Barbereren i Servilla (2001) - Den Norske Opera forestelling
Til Wagner 'Ringen' (1997) - Den Nederlandske Opera og Music
Den Norsk Opera (1994-1996) - Ekstrahjelp hos maskør
Previous Projects
Oslo Lullaby (2006) Prosthetics & Makeup
Fiksern - Workshop Supervisor
Tromso Theatre Art 2005 - Animated Bronze Sculpture
Valo Opens in a new browser window 2004 - Prosthetic Makeups
Avaldnes Viking Centre - Special Effects Makeups
Kristiansund Opera - Makeup & Hair Design
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