Pyrotechnics. Things blowing up. Big bangs. Little bullet hits. Sparks. Flames. Smoke. Explosions.
Mechanical special effects.
Makeup. From normal to outlandish. Lipstick. Blood. Bruises. Glamour. Grunge.
Prosthetics. Silly rubber ears. Wigs. Beards. Big noses. Little noses. Warts.
Props. Safe rubber knives. Dummy guns.
Animatronics. Live creatures on set. Something the actors can interact with on the set. Something you can direct. Something that can perform.

Providing special effects, animatronics, make up, pyrotechnics and prosthetics to Norwegian film and television production companies and theatres since 2007.

Welcome to Elektrik Effekts ...

Wind effects for Ylvis - Dubstep 9th Scale Barn Model for “Tommer Tønner” Replica Prop for “Dead Snow 2”
(Above, from left to right.) Wind effects for “Ylvis - Dubstep”, 9th scale barn model for “Tommer Tønner”,
replica prop for “Dead Snow 2”.
Safe Weapon Moulding for “Dead Snow 2” Location Smoke for “Dead Snow 2” Wind Effects for “Kraftidioten”
(Above, from left to right.) Safe weapon moulding for “Dead Snow 2”, location smoke for “Dead Snow 2”,
wind effects for “Kraftidioten”.
Safe Action Props for “Varg Veum” Snow Effects for “Nissene Over Skog og Hei” Snow Effects for “Nissene Over Skog og Hei”
(Above, from left to right.) Safe action props for “Varg Veum”, snow effects for “Nissene Over Skog og Hei”.
Pyrotechnics for “Ulvenatten” Pyrotechnics for “Ulvenatten”
(Above.) Pyrotechnics for “Ulvenatten”. (Below.) Trailer.

(Left.) The trailer for “Ulvenatten”, courtesy of YouTube. Includes some of the pyrotechnics work pictured above.

(View on YouTube.)